Monday, December 27, 2010

Just a Smile...

As much as I enjoy our customs and traditions, what I enjoy most is the unity and love that is show through out the season.  I try to carry this joyous season in my heart through the year.  I even make a conscious effort to share it with others.  A gentle smile shared with a complete strangers in the mass hysteria of a mall.  Those who find my simple gesture of peace and friendship odd and unexpected, can't help but reciprocate with a nod as a sign of understand; "Yes, I see and acknowledge you, even though I believe you are probably insane."
Occasional, someone will respond with a 'Thank You.'  Now, I'm taken off guard.  Thank You? 

I have had people express their loneliness.  How much my smile or kind word meant to them.  For others it was a reminder the there is still kindness in the world.  Then their are those who were having the most awful day, filled with worry and sorrow.  To them I have shared a spark of the Creators Love.  All and all, a smile is the simplest of gifts one can share with other and it's value is unmeasurable.

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