Friday, January 7, 2011

Unwanted House Guest!

Mice have an impeccable scent of smell.  From outside a home, they can smell the scent of tasty treaty within the home.  They can also smell the scent of predictors like foxes which we send them packing.  A simpler solution is the use of Essential oils like Peppermint.  Mice find the strong minty scent offensive and we stay clear of it.  Try placing a drop of oil on a Cotton ball and place it wherever you think they might be entering your home.  If you're not sure then place a scented cotton ball in each corner of the room.  Before you know, your house will be free of unwanted visitors.

To maintain a rodent free home, just refresh the cotton ball Monthly... Safe, Simple and it Works!!!

By the Way:  Mice are not the only one's that are repelled by Peppermint Oils, Snakes are too!

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