Friday, February 18, 2011

Tip: Need help controlling your sweet Tooth

In 2000, Catherine Collins, chief dietitian at St Georges Hospital in London, led a study which found that vanilla may help reduce cravings for chocolate and other sweet foods. Although scientists are still working to prove this theory it is thought that you can use vanilla to help you lose ...
weight. The idea is that by saturating your senses with the sweet scent of vanilla, you in turn reduce your food cravings. To put this theory into practice wear a perfume which contains the scent of vanilla, like 'Angel of Love' perfume by AncientOils.

Vanilla Absolute is a solid at room temperature.  So if you wish to diffuse it, first place the bottle in a hot water bath in order to allow the absolute to liquefy. Then dilute it in a 50/50 solution with a carrier oil such as almond oil.  This will thin the oil for easier application. 
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