Friday, April 29, 2011

BESTeam Feature: You are my Sunshine!

Nina from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida is the owner of "You are my Sunshine."  Isn't that a great name for a shop!  This shop springs up beautiful, handmade, fabric flower brooches, hair pins, and Jewelry in a rainbow of colors.  What better way to bring sunshine to your day! 

When ask, What decade or style inspires you? Nina respond was...
I really like the Victorian era with the lace and the bustles and the feminine finery. I have been wanting to use my stash of antique lace to make bracelet cuffs and maybe one day I will have some time.

If you could peek inside the studio of any artist, designer or craftsman (dead or alive), who would it be?
I would love to watch Miriam Haskell work. I once borrowed a library book with her creations and they are truly stunning!

Ethereal wildflowers, hand formed with creamy white and sheer fabric and dreamy tulle with the palest peach faux glass pearls in each center. A vintage gold tone brooch, a bunch of flowers with intricate filigree leaves accent the top of this resplendent necklace!

How do you get out of your creative ruts?
I have a box of projects. When I seem to not be able to put ideas together, I play with my box of projects and make notes on my ideas. I love mixing metal and fabric, new and vintage, to create a one of a kind item.

Where would you like to be in ten years?
I would like to wield a torch and/or solder and work with metals.

Where would you like your shop to be in ten years?
In 10 years, I would like to be relaxed enough and confident enough with my shop to be able to help other people, women who are starting out and not knowing what to do. I would use my shop as an example of hard word, trial and error, and perseverance. I would have learned faster had I had someone beside me holding my hand. I did it all by myself and I am still learning! I would like to teach someone the nuances of the things I have learned.

To view more of Nina beautiful flowers visit her shop at You are my Sunshine
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Embracing one's Talents in a hard economy

Are you familiar with “Headpin Wear” on Etsy? Headpin Wear is owned by with Cathy Tuggle, who lives in the quaint little town of Benicia in CA, with her husband and youngest son.  Cathy has a great appreciation for life.  She is grateful for her family, job as well the opportunity to design and create wonderful classic and retro jewelry for her customers.  

Although Cathy embraces life and all it has to offer, the economy has cause her some heartaches.  Cathy explains, “The economy has truly affected my livelihood and creative outcome.  I know it has many.  But, I try to look on the Bright side, and I am blessed in so many other ways that are much more important to me, that I cannot and refuse to complain!

Cathy’s great attitude and appreciation for life is apparent in her Jewelry.  She creates Jewelry to accessory, Not to overwhelm or take attention away from you!  Cathy believes that Jewelry is meant to enhance your individual beauty, inside and out.  As well as complete your sense of style.  As Cathy would say, “It is the cherry on top of your sundae” 


A splendid Bracelet strung with Gold Tone Metal Bead Caps and Swarovski Powder Rose Pearls is sure to delight your eyes and add a crisp, clean look to your year round apparel. This Bracelet is strung on Beadalon Wire, and secured to a rich looking Pewter Toggle by Gold Filled Wavy Crimp Beads. Cathy also used Gold Filled Wire Guardians to prevent wear of the wire. 

An alluring strand of Freshwater Pearl Buttons, and Faceted Garnet Coins complement three Faceted Labradorite Square Cushions.  To separate the vivid Garnets from the Freshwater Pearls, and Labradorite Squares, are petite Copper Bead Caps.  Other Copper Spacer Beads were combined to separate the Freshwater Pearls adding distinction and texture. Then finished with a flattering Copper Toggle in a flower motif, closes this lustrous necklace. Wire Guardians were used to protect the Beadalon Copper Wire in securing the Toggle.

Lodolite Gemstone Earrings / A Bohemian and Gothic Style

An enchanting style of classic Goth is shown here in these seductive, alluring Earrings!
Three antiqued brass strands of a petite flat cable chain connect end to end of an “Art Deco” style link. Above the link is a *Lodolite Round Gemstone, capped lightly on each end with petite flower style Bead Caps.  This captivating ensemble dangles from dainty antiqued Brass Ear Wires.  

More on Cathy's Designs:
Cathy started designing Jewelry a few years ago as a hobby, just for herself.  Now, she creates unique classic styles for us.  Her designs are classic & simplistic but that doesn’t mean they are whipped together in an hour.  After all, anyone can string beads, but Cathy is very thoughtful and meticulous in planning her complete design from start to finish. Even if it takes days to finish a piece, which is the case in most of her designs.  

To view more of Cathy's designs visit  Headpin Wear on Etsy
To keep up to date on Cathy's design visit "Headpin Wear" on facebook 
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Gemstones and their Healing properties

As I shop around for Gemstones, I consider the healing properties each stone possesses.  At MysticWynd you will find a selection devotes to Gemstones, with their Metaphysical properties, awesome!

MysticWynd is a little shop on owned by Karen in Arizona .  Karen wanted to create jewelry that would appeal to everyone.  Whatever your style, taste or needs, you  are sure to find a piece of jewelry that will inspire you, at MysticWynd

For those who are not familiar with the healing properties of gemstones, here is a bit of information on Gemstones as stated by By Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha, D. Sc.

"The ancient Ayurvedic researchers studied healing properties of gems, and found that different stones created different effects in the human body. The planets were seen to have corresponding colors. The color or vibration of the gems affects the human body. They absorb and reflect (like a filter) the planetary rays or vibrations. Thus, gems relate to specific energy waves. It was found that the gems associated with each planet have varying wavelengths.
The planetary vibrations are negative, while the radiation of the stones is positive. When the positive and negative vibrations are combined, they are neutralized. Just as an umbrella or sunscreen protects one from the sun, so gems protect one from the influence of the planets." As stated in 
With this in mind, when choosing a gemstone to wear consider its energy level and/or meaning.  Typical we are drawn to what we need.  So, if you are drawn to a Tiger's Eye,  you may be seeking Clarity & Focus or to apply some Discipline & practicality. 

MysticWynd  provides us with the following information regarding Tiger's Eye:

Metaphysical - clarity & focus, discipline & practicality, optimism, attainment of wealth
Healing - disorders of the eyes, throat, reproductive organs; digestive diverticular disease, spinal alignment, rapid healing of bone fractures
Astrological Association - Capricorn
Numerological - Vibrates to the number 4 (Work, Productivity)

At  MysticWynd on Etsy, you will find custom made jewelry design and hand crafted by Karen, the owner of MysticWynd.  Here are some of my favorite pieces from MysticWynd:

Tiger's Eye Antiqued Gold Pendant w Chain Necklace

A beautiful tiger's eye gemstone mounted in an ornate gold plated brass bezel setting creates a traditional Victorian feel in this lovely vintage inspired necklace.

Gemstone Necklace Botswana Agate, Onyx, Mookaite
- Earth Expressions

A mixture of beautiful gemstones, gifts of the earth, were combined to create this incredibly beautiful and powerful necklace.  A mixture of beautiful gemstones, gifts of the earth, were combined to create this incredibly beautiful and powerful necklace.

Pink Rose Floral Glass w Pearl Necklace - Claire

 Soft pink hues warmed with antiqued brass, bronze, and golds and the gentle luminescence of Swarovski pearls make this vintage inspired necklace beautifully feminine and nostalgic.

To see more of Karen's beautiful jewelry, be sure to visit MysticWynd's Shop  on
For more information on Gemstone and their properties visit her blog at MysticWynd's Blog


Monday, April 11, 2011

The Miracle of Onycha Oil by David Stewart, PhD, DNM

Onycha is a Biblical oil mentioned in Exodus 30:34 as an ingredient in the Holy Incense to be diffused in temples of worship. Onycha oil (Styrax benzoin) is also a powerful antiseptic and facilitator of rapid healing. It goes by several common names including Friar's Balm and Javanese Frankincense. It is extracted from the resin of a tree that grows in the Far East, specifically in Indonesia.

For more than 200 years, hospitals have used an alcohol solution of this oil as their primary antiseptic. Dissolved in ethyl alcohol, it is called Benzoin or Tincture of Benzoin. It is the smell of this tincture that used to give hospitals their peculiar "hospital smell."

Following World War II, hospitals started to employ other antiseptics derived from petroleum that were less expensive. They are now discovering that bacteria can become resistant to these synthetic antiseptics, but do not become resistant to Tincture of Benzoin. Hence, many of today's hospitals are returning to the natural antiseptic of Benzoin realizing it is more effective and does not contribute toward the creation of resistant strains of virulent pathogens.

Resistant strains of bacteria are a major and growing problem in hospitals today resulting in thousands of deaths every year. Even visitors to hospitals can pick up these pathogens, which can be fatal. Even the most powerful antibiotics, such as vancomyacin and microcillin, do not kill these germs. The answer is to be found in natural products such as essential oils.

Additional information:
This oil has been known for it's ability to speed the healing of wounds and assist in the prevention of infection. In ancient times it was used as a perfume, found to be comforting and soothing, uplifting, and used in the holy anointing oil.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Balancing the Root Chakra with the color Red

Gilliauna's is a Shop full of color and beauty.  The owner of Gilliauna's believes... "The colors that surround us adds an extra level of beauty and richness to every day of our lives. Sometimes color isn't just seen but experienced through all the senses and even the emotions."

As a Holistic Practitioner, I can tell you that colors do influence our emotions, and adding color can help balance an out of balance Chakra.

For Example, the root chakra is associate with our primal needs of Security and Survival.  Feeling insecurity, alone, even feelings of abandon can signify an out of balance root chakra.  Wearing the color Red can help with those feeling.  The color Red states that you ar e Security and Confidence, therefore raising the vibration of the Root Chakra.

Gothic elegance abounds in this handmade necklace made from vintage golden rings combined with teardrops of blood red glass that gracefully drip to a point.

 Gothic Faith - Beaded Christian Necklace in Red, Silver and Black

A beaded strand of shimmering red glass crystal beads combined with inky black makes up the body of this handmade necklace with a touch of silver accents and a detailed scroll-design cross pendant hanging at the end.

Ladybug Love Handmade Charm Bracelet in Red

Bright and cheerful, this handmade charm bracelet was created using red coral beads, glass pearls and wire wrapped red glass beads. All of these have been joined together on a silver plated chain with little lampwork ladybugs in this artisan bracelet that's then finished off with a matching silver plated toggle clasp.

More About Gilliauna's Shop:
Each piece offered in this shop is a uniquely, hand-crafted, a true work of art for you to enjoyed for years to come.  As, for the quality, you can rest assured you will receive top-quality craftsmanship backed by  lving attention to detail and 20 years of experience in jewelry design. 

Gilliauna's Shop also often uses cleaned and re-purposed as well as vintage jewelry parts and beads in many of our colorful creations. This is a terrific way to help keep waste to a minimum and help out the community at the same time since we shop for our vintage materials at places like the Salvation Army where the profits go back into the community.  For see more of Gilliauna's Jewelry visit:   Gilliauna's Shop on
or visit one of Gilliauna's Blogs on:

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