Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BESTeam Feature: 95% of proceeds donated to Help Humanity

How many business do you know that are willing to donate 95% of their proceeds to developing Counties?  "Art on Behalf" does just that!  Kate from Saint Louis is the owner of "Art on Behalf", according to her profile 95% of the proceeds from each item in her shop will go to provide clean water in developing countries, free modern day slaves, care for orphans, or provide medical help to those with HIV. This shop was created on behalf of them.

Kate is not a professional artist, nor does she claim to be. Her mission is a mission of the heart.  Kate believes in using beauty to fight back against the ugliness in our world, and fighting back against forces of injustice with acts of selfless love.

Kate ask that you wear or display her art on behalf of hope, and on behalf of the people who will benefit from the proceeds of "Art on Behalf".

With just $5 you can make a difference.  This Orphan Care Bracelet is a great way to show your support. This bracelet is hand woven from embroidery floss. Pink, green, and blue are the favorite colors of Kate's little sisters and brother who are adopted from China and Ethiopia. Although these three children have been brought into my family and given hope, hundreds of thousands of orphaned children just like them remain. Wear this bracelet on behalf of them.

This beautiful photograph was taken by Kate herself while in a church meeting in Morogoro, Tanzania. This church is struggling to help the members of it's community who are infected or affected by HIV and AIDs. The purchase of this print will directly help communities such as this one.  This photograph is printed on a matte paper, and altered with water color and it's just $10.

Esperanza is a beautiful Spanish word. It means hope.  90% of proceeds from this piece will go to the
"Not For Sale Campaign" ( to aid in the fight against Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery.  The average cost of a slave around the world is $90.  By purchasing "Esperanza" for just $15, you will help to the fight against Human trafficking and Modern Day Slavery.

This World belongs to us all.  These are our brothers and sister who are in need of help of our help.  Please visit "Art on Behalf" and share your love with a message of hope.

Below is a list of Programs your purchases will be supporting:
Lahash International:
Blood: Water Mission:
Not For Sale Campaign:
John M. Perkins Foundation:
Shaohannah's Hope:
A Beautiful I dea:

To follow Kate on her amazing journey visit Artonbehalfof's blog

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