Friday, May 6, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Mending the Heart Chakra

Mending the Heart Chakra with Colors and Gemstones

The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra and the center of own being. It is said to be the bridge between the physical and spiritual.  The heart chakra is located in the center of the body and metaphorically speaking, love is the center of your life.  This chakra rules over Love: unconditional love, self-love, forgiveness, relationships, intimacy and devotion.  This is why a broken heart affects us so strongly.  Whether, the lost of a loved one or a broken relationship it is important to balance the heart chakra for wholeness. When the heart chakra is out of balance or block, one may experience feelings of depression and loneliness.

At MysticWynd's, a shop on Etsy, you will find Jewelry design to enhance your energy, mood and physical well being.  MysticWynd's is owned by Karen from Arizona.  Karen is very knowledgeable in jewelry design and gemstones.  At MysticWynd's you will not only find beautiful jewelry made from semiprecious stone, you will also learn about the properties of gemstones  incorporated in a each design.  Here are a few pieces that would help balance the Heart Chakra.

Teardrop Necklace w Fireworks Jasper and Gemstones in Black, Green, and Yellow

A gorgeous Fireworks Jasper Teardrop provides the focal point in this earthy and stylish necklace design.  In correspondence with the Heart Chakra this combination of Fireworks Jasper is great for centering, promoting happiness, good fortune, and banishing grief.  While, the Crazy lace agate absorbs emotional pain; counteract physical low periods; improves stamina. Then there's Crazy horse stone for encouraging gentleness, relaxation and comfort, with an added touch of Yellow Jadeite to promotes unity during our difficult time.

 Inspired by vintage jewelry styles and updated for today's fashion looks and colors, this beautiful necklace combines beautiful deep pink roses with two shades of pink glass pearls for a look that is simply timeless.

The color Pink also relates to the heart chakra being the color of love.  Pink enhances understanding, self-controlled, adaptable, sympathetic, compassionate, generous, humble, nature loving, and romantic.

Soft as a spring breeze, gentle as a spring morn... these darling earrings combine a soft rose pink with a delicious light green for a design that murmurs springtime. I've added some shimmery medium pink Swarovski pearls and crystals as well as gleaming gold plated beadcaps to create this beautiful floral fantasy.

If you would like to learn more about Karen's Jewelry and the properties of gemstones visit MysticWynd's 

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