Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BESTeam Feature: "ChickyDs" for your ChickaDee

Loving arts and crafting, Danielle knew from an early age that she would be pursuing a career involving art. Now, a graduate in Graphic Designs and working at a local newspaper, Danielle misses the art and crafts, hand’s on type of work. Please don’t misunderstand, Danielle loves her job but also enjoys being able to create things with her own two hands. So, with every trip to Hobby Lobby Danielle’s mind raced with ideas for a new Etsy adventure and that is how “ChickyDs” was born.

Danielle from Peru, IL opened her new shop “ChickyDs” on April 19, 2011. The shop is full of accessories for Big and Little Girls alike. Just check out these Military Style Hat!

    Child Military Style Hat                                             Adult Military Style Boutique Hat
     with Yo Yo Accents                                                 - Pink, Teal, Purple and Green

Adorable cotton canvas military style child's hat has a touch of uniqueness with three coordinating yo-yo accents. 2 small and 1 extra-small yo-yo give this hat a real sense of style. The hat is child sized and non-adjustable with elastic in the back to allow for extra room.


Fashionable khaki colored cotton canvas military style adult's hat has a touch of uniqueness with coordinating yo-yo and button accents giving this hat a real sense of style. The hat is adult sized and non-adjustable with elastic in the back to allow for extra room.
As a child, Danielle's Mom absolutely loved to accessorize her outfits with hair bows.Danielle tell us, "I'm not really sure how much I really liked them at the time, but now that I've grown up and realize what fashion is I can appreciate the effort."


Today Danielle creates her own Bright, Colorful, hair accessories:

Polka Dot Pink and Black Clippie 3 Pack
Fun polka dot pink, hot pink and black clippie assortment. These would make a great gift or party favor. Made of 3/8 inch ribbon with heat sealed ends to prevent fraying. Great for holding bangs back or adding to a ponytail.

Wire Edged Floral Boutique Style Bow on French Clip
This stacked boutique bow features a wire edged floral focal ribbon. The wire edge helps the bow maintain it's shape. A surrounding bow in a sheer olive color can be seen and is stacked on brown, red and blue.

Fabric Yo Yo with Button Clippie Boutique Accessory
Small boutique yo yo in a garden pattern is perfect for holding bangs back, accenting a ponytail or being attached to a headband. The yo yo is attached to a partially lined alligator clip with an added no-slip grip. Orange button creates a fun, focal center.

So take a minute to stop by “ChickyDs” or follow her on her blogtwitter  and facebook

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