Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BESTeam Feature: From Hawaii - Redemption Art

This is one unusual little Hawaiian Vintage shop. You will find things from all over the globe that have somehow made their way to my little Hawaiian islands. Connie's the owner of RedemptionArt grew up in Hawaii. Her shop features Vintage treasures that she finds, along with some of her personal Hand Made creations and Upcycled Art from Hawaii. Connie is a very creative lady as you'll be able to tell by browsing her shop.

Just take a look at these True Vintage Clip-on Earrings, Adorable! These clip style costume jewelry earrings can be dressed up or down, great with that little black dress as well as those favorite pair of jeans! Measuring 3" long and about 3/4" at their widest point, they are actually very light and easy to wear.

Episcopal Mitre approximately 3" and is in excellent condition.
For those shell collectors, here is a Episcopal Mitre.  This shell is associated with spiritual or religious values.  This shell received its name from its resemblance to the miter headgear worn by clergy.  According to Michelle Hanson, Author of  "Ocean Oracle", attraction to the Episcopal Mitre encourages a more conscious evaluation of one's religious or spiritual values.

What an interesting piece! Beautiful single to double serving cast iron, porcelain lined tea pot. Very ZEN.. bamboo and possible cherry blossom and pine raised designs. Hot water is poured over your favorite tea that sits in a metal mesh insert.

The body of the pot measures 5" at its widest point and 6" if you include the spout. It measures 6 1/2" tall, including the handle which is stationary. Nice and heavy cast iron weighing approximately 2 pounds. Really beautiful and in excellent vintage shape.

Currently, Connie is in the process of transferring her handmade treasures to my second etsy shop called "VolcanoGirlCreations" and would love to see you there too! For an exotic shopping experience you must visit RedemptionArt!

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