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The Dance between Biology, Physics and Spirit

The Dance between Biology, Physics and Spirit
By Lillian DelValle K., M.Sc.

Chapter 1

In various religions and spiritual beliefs, the relationship between Body, Mind, and Spirit makes prefect sense.  However, the link between biology, physics and spirit seemed impossible.  Biology, physics and spirit seem to dance around each like a wonderful fantasy, a fairytale with its ‘happy ever after’ ending, though far from reality. 
This thesis paper will explore resent studies and experiments conducted by researchers, scientist, and medical professional who are slowly discovering links between the three realms of existence, the body, mind and spirit.  By entertaining the idea or illusion that coincidences and so call phenomenons may be more then just a dance of imaginary coincidence.  In fact, it may be a necessary trinity of coexistence.  Through an intelligent force of creation we are all coexisting on multiple levels of realities; realities which consist of multiple possibilities in which we choose the outcome.   In other words, the body mind and spirit connection is an intelligent design for co-creating our existence and the world around us.  Thanks to new discoveries in various fields of science, including quantum physics, ‘Spirit’ is now being recognized as an important part of our existence, the vibrational force which propels our thoughts into form.   
Throughout history spiritual healers have existed.  From the very beginning human beings have known that we possess the power to ‘Self’ heal.  It is our instinctive nature to use our hands to comfort those who are thought to be out of balance or ill, whether emotional or physically.  We have also believed in the power of positive thinking and miracles.  Since, ancient times the human body was believed to encompass three bodies. The three bodies comprised of the physical, mental and spirit aspects of life.   Together, the three bodies form the essence of humanity.  It was understood that this trinity brought wholeness to the very being of whom we are, our connection to the creator as well as the earth and each other.  Although, the connection was solely understood from a spiritual or religious standpoint, we are now beginning to understand this relationship from a vibration, energetic point of view through the study of quantum biology and quantum physics.
 Today our understanding of energy has evolved.  We now know we live in a network of vibrations and we ourselves are made of subtle energy.  When we look at the physical body, each organ is made of cells; each cell is made of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which in turn are made up of protons, neutron, electrons and other electromagnetic particles spinning in orbit.  When we are healthy, we are in a harmonist vibration and the whole organism functions properly.
However, as humans we have ‘free will.’  We can choose our thoughts, words and action, which mean we choose how we will use our energy, whether in a positive or negative manner.  By doing so, we are creating the energetic environment that we live in.  This energetic wave of creation not only affects us but also affects the environment in which we live in as well as the state of humanity.   

Kaiser, Lillian DelValle, M.Sc. "The Dance between Biology, Physics and Spirit", pp 1-2, May 11.
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