Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Ardent Reverie!

Ardent Reverie is a Shop on Etsy owner by Melanie and Meghan Mina.  Two very talented sisters who messed their individual style together to creating Ardent Reverie.

These two young ladies began crafting at a young age. Their love for crafting carried on and they soon began to wonder if they could make more of their abilities and share them with other people. On October 8, 2009 they launched their Etsy store. It was a learning process to say the least and will always be a continuous learning process that will allow their shop to grow.

The first piece I would like to share with you is this adorable, Origami Crane Hair Clip!  I find it hard enough to fold an origami paper critter on crisp folder paper. Name is folding pieces of fabric and into these amazing hair Origami Hair Clips.  This is the type of piece that makes a subtle statement with a uniqueness that one can’t help with notice.
Next, I'll like to show you this beautiful 12' Paradise Cove Feather Earrings .  I have long, dark hair and most earrings disappear on me.  This however wouldn’t!  Long and beautiful but not overwhelming, it has a simplistic beauty.   This piece of jewelry say’s “you can’t help but notice me” but doesn’t yell it. Instead, they seem to frame the face and elongate the neck, bringing instant notice to you.  
To see more of Ardent Reverie unique pieces visit their Etsy shop at: Ardentreverie

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fabric cranes, great and unique accessory.