Friday, July 15, 2011

BESTeam Feature: JBling Collector of Children's StoryBooks

This week’s feature is on a wonderful new shop dedicate to sell vintage and classic storybooks and prints!  Jane Peyrouse is the owner of  “JBing.”  By day Jane is a marketing executive, loving wife and mother.   Although, these are all satisfying challenges Etsy and her Blog help to complete the challenges of the day. Jane Peyrouse from Somerville, Massachusett,  is an enthusiastic lover of vintage, crafts, and adventure.  She enjoys bringing together her love of the world and its incredible beauty and variety.

I really enjoy classic children’s story books and have a small collection of my own.  When I ask Jane what inspire her to open  “JBing”  a shop for vintage book?  She responded with…

I started JBing” as a tribute to my love of old style children's book illustrations. I fell in love with some of the classic books of the thirties and the great illustrations that came from that time, like The Sugar Plum Tree by Eugene Feld with illustrations by the amazing Fern Bisel Peat.
In Jane's shop “JBing”, you will find Vintage children’s Books like,

                                        “The Wonderful Adventures”
                                  of Paul Bunyan - a 1945 First Edition.

I think this is a wonderful idea for a shop.  It provides us the opportunity to share our favorite vintage and classic stories with our children and grandchildren.  Especially, since some of these books are out of print and extremely difficult to get hold of.  When I ask Jane, “How do you acquire these books?”  Her answer was simple…

              How would you like to own the 1946 illustrated Edition of:
                             “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”
                                       This is a great find!

Over time, I think I've learned that I may love the books more than the illustrations. Living in Boston, there are tons of old books coming out of old houses of people who own big collections of books. I have a couple of reliable sources of books. I haven't really begun to list alot in my shop yet, as I am pausing to do research on the illustrators, the authors and the back story on these wonderful books. Like this Charming vintage book by Alison Uttley…
                                    “Squirrel Goes Skating”
                                     -1934 Children's Book

I’m truly looking forward to seeing this little shop grow.  To see “JBing’s” full collection of vintage and classic storybooks visit “JBing” at
Jane also has a second shop”JVoyage” for vintage treasure.  You can learn more about Jane and her shops on her blog
or follow her on Twitter:

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