Saturday, August 6, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Crafting for the Soul

In spiritual work, meditation is very important. It keeps us grounded and sane! In order to meditate we must leave the logical world, (just for a little while) and enter a space of balance, and serenity.

For some, meditation is easily achieved; whether sitting in a chair or lying down, they can leave reality for a brief while and center themselves. Release all their tension, worries and are able to focus on what is important. For others, the thought of meditation is a nightmare. With too many thoughts to fight off and the strain of focusing to clear the mind, often result in more stress and even a headache.

But there are other ways to Meditate. For Maureen Kirchdoerfer, owner of Release Me Creations from Fort Worth, TX, crafting was a form of grounding and centering herself while her father, and Brave Knight underwent Cancer treatment. Here is Maureen’s Story…

Tiny Hand Bound Book Necklace
Vintage Almanac pages Brass Heart
Swarovski Crystal AB Pendant
In April of 2009 my Dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer. Eight months later, on January 2, 2010, he passed away after an incredibly brave and difficult battle with the disease. His loss to me was, and is still a crushing blow to my heart. He was a pillar of strength in my life. But from his ordeal, I learned how important it is to take advantage of every minute we have here on this earth. It made me realize the value of appreciating everything, and everyone I have, and how fleeting our time is here. Perhaps most importantly, I realized the importance of doing in those minutes the things that make your heart happy.

I began crafting jewelry while I was staying with my parents during my father's last months of life. In my down time I needed something to channel my energies in a positive way. I needed a distraction, and a release. I suddenly felt the urge to begin crafting jewelry. Call it chance, call it coincidence, or call it fate. All I know is that creating jewelry for me has become my meditation, my peace. I put so much of myself into each and every piece, that it creates an incredible release for my heart, mind, and soul. Thus, the birth of Release Me Creations.
This enchantingly Carousel necklace features a tiny little carousel that is freely movable. the little horse silhouettes contrast beautifully against as they go round and round. A tiny pink resin rose, and a tiny glass pearl rest atop the carousel to add that perfect dainty little touch.
As you can see, meditation can be achieved through various methods.  So next time you are overwhelm with life and need to release… Meditate and creating something beautiful!

Our Lady of Guadalupe Metal Unisex Cuff

Nikon Camera Necklace

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