Saturday, August 20, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Vintage Inspirited Jewelry and the story of the Dragonfly

I love Victorian style jewelry, the intricate laces, romantic florals, and delicate beauty of this era. It is a style of femininity. As you admire the delicate, complicity and details of the Victorian patterns you can’t help but associate them with the grace and beauty of women. Each piece hand crafted to compliment, not over power or compete with you, but to compliment and bring notice to YOU!
Plum Beadacious is a boutique on etsy, owned by LeAllyson Meyer. As you could guess, this artisan’s specialty is vintage inspired and flower/garden themed jewelry. Allsyon goal is only to bring you joy, as you modestly wear these beautiful Vintage pieces. Of course, you will be stopped, complimented, and admired, as you joyfully go about your day.
One of my personal favorites is the Butter cream filigree ring. I really like the simplicity of this ring, the butter cream color and the filigree band. Isn't it just Lovely! 
If you prefer a brighter color then the Rose Pink Sakura Flower maybe more your style. 

Rose Pink Sakura  Brass Filigree Ring

Buttercream Brass Filigree Ring

Pink Flower Victorian Style Antiqued Silver Cuff 

I think these Victorian style filigree cuff bracelets are so romantic with the soft rose pink flowers. 

Dragonfly Necklace

Dragonfly's are said to be Dragons who had been tricked by an evil sorcerer.  The sorcerer wanted to contain the majestic creature's powers for himself so he trick the dragon by saying, "If you are truly a great and powerful breast you can do any, include become the smallest of creatures.  If you are as powerful as you say turn yourself into a fly."  The dragon wanting to prove how powerful he truly was took the sorcerer's dare and became a Dragonfly. The evil sorcerer immediately capture the great creature and trap him in a jar for him own pleasure.  It is now said that the Dragonfly contains the strength and power of a dragon, one of the most magically creatures ever to exist. 

To view more of LeAllyson's Vintage inspirited Jewelry visit  PlumBeadacious
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