Saturday, September 24, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Holiday shopping

As we get ready for the holiday’s finding the perfect gift can be difficult. At etsy’s BESTeam we have lots of handmade jewelry crafters that are very talent and take great pride and care in the work.  There are two that I will be featuring this week 'Cksilver' & 'Headpinwear.'  Both artisans work with nature stones, crystals and pearls to create beautiful jewelry that anyone would love.  Whether your looking for a bright fun style for everyday or an elegant evening look.  Our Artisan are professional and deliver quality pieces

By: CKSilver     
Sunrise on the Lake Turquoise and 
Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet

By: Headpinwear
Swarovski Gold Pearl Bracelet

Once you’re done with you holiday shopping scroll on over to UpcycleRecyleReuse for some handmade Gift Boxes, Cards and Tags to give you gift that final touch.

Three Snowmen Gift Box
 So here you go... There wonderful Shops to choose from!  CKSilver, Headpinwear, and


HeadpinWear said...

Hi There!
Lovely feature :)
Thanks so much.


HeadpinWear said...

Thanks so much for picking my Swarvoski Gold Pearl Bracelet!
Its so perfect for Autumn and Winter wear :)


cksilver said...

Thank you for such a fun feature! And that bracelet is now 25% OFF!