Saturday, September 3, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Las flores del sur

Christmas has always been a special holiday in my home.   On Christmas Eve we stay up late eating treats and drinking apple cider.   Due to the little one’s anxious nature, we were all allowed to open one gift.   On Christmas morning the children would rush to their stockings and excitedly would dump them out going through all their goodies.  This kept them entertained while Mommy had her morning coffee. ;D

Anymore, finding new fun items for their stocking, year after year can be a challenge.  That is why I thought Marisa from Las flores del sur might be able to help with this...

Las flores del sur, which means the Southern flowers, is a little shop on esty owned by Marisa Kraiselburd from Montevideo, Uruguay.  This little shop is full of… Yes, flowers!  Beautiful, Bright little flowers!  Fabric Flowers, Felt flowers and ribbon flowers to wear in your hair or clothes.  This lovely little flowers are perfect as stocking stuffs, grad bag gifts, etc. 
Light Blue Rose Poppy Fabric Pin
Each Handmade fabric poppy pin has three black glass beads in the center. A great detail for a coat or sweater! 

With the holidays quickly approaching I'm sure you have a long list of family and friends.  With most of Las flores del sur's Flower pins pricing as little as $6, how can you lost? If you have your own craft ideas for these precious little flowers... that's fine with Marisa,  at Las flores del sur you can purchase a set of poppy seed flower to create you own design or accessory.   

All hand cut and sewn with a center of black beads. They have a little circle of felt in the back, so they are ready to be attached to your favorite project.

So why delay,  get a head start on your holiday shopping by visiting Las flores del sur
or follow her on her blog or facebook.   Happy Shopping!


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Thank you Lilly!! Wonderful feature!

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