Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Moon - Manifesting

New Moon Ritual For Manifesting:

by Carole Fogarty

“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish”  Tony Robbins
Any new moon is the perfect time to release your monthly wishes out into the universe.  Astrologically it carries a strong energy for giving birth to new ideas, habits or projects.
To give my wishes the special attention they deserve, I send them on their merry way with a simple, yet meaningful ritual.  Rituals needn’t be complicated, time consuming or confusing.  In fact mine are around 3 – 5 minutes.

Firstly, I become still and arrive fully into the moment.  I want my whole body, mind and breath to participate.  Secondly, I connect with the four elements of nature, after all they nourish us all on a daily basis and we certainly couldn’t survive without them.   Then, and only then, do I feel connected and prepared to release my wishes out into the big wide world.

Photo by bekah stargazer

Next new moon 22th January – 25rd January 2012:
For me rituals are deeply satisfying and fuel my soul.   They create a feeling that something special, magical is happening, and the whole universe is involved.  Rituals are nothing short of inspiring and uplifting.
So, if the idea of a new moon wish ritual appeals to you, I’ve shared the simple steps (below) for one of my favourite new moon rituals.
Sunday 22th through the 25 January will be the next new moon for us in the United States.  This gives you plenty of time to buy some sage, a special candle and get clear with your wish or wishes for next month.  Depending on where you live it may be a good idea to check the next new moon times for your part of the world.
Remember if you need any help with your ritual, don’t be shy, I’m here to help in whatever small way I can.

Acknowledge the start of your ritual:
Light a candle to signify the start of the ritual – giving thanks and gratitude. You can even open with a little blessing or prayer if that feels right for you.

Arrive fully at the ritual:
Give 100% of your whole self when releasing your wishes by arriving fully into the moment.  Involve your mind fully,  breath fully, body fully and your soul fully.
Feel and become aware of  your body (feet, toes, fingers, legs, arms etc), shake and move your body if you need too.
Feel and become aware of your breath, follow it as it moves through your body.  It is your breath and words that will give energy to your wishes.
Feel and become aware of your thoughts – do not follow your thoughts just notice them and your mind will soon arrive without getting distracted.
Feel and sense the energy of your heart, the core of your being, the essence of who you are.
Now, pay closer attention to the environment around you. Tap into your senses.  What can you see, smell, taste, touch or hear?
If you need help arriving, then you might like to read my article called the 3 arrivals.  A simple Buddhist practice that encourages you to arrive fully into the here and now.

Connect with the elements of nature:
To connect with the essence of the universe you need to acknowledge the four main elements of nature.  Fire – water – earth – water.  You can do this by feeling, sensing or having a physical representation for each of the elements.
Earth: go barefoot and feel the earth beneath your feet.  If you can’t go outside you may prefer to wear or hold a crystal, be close to a plant or vase of flowers. Breathe the earths energy up through your feet.  Feel the connection.
Fire: the burning candle signifies fire – feel or sense the cleansing properties of the fire, and the energy it is fueling your wishes with.
Air: light a piece of dried white sage or sage smudge stick (as shown in the picture above).  The smoke represents air. Let the smoke fill the air around you.
Water: have a bowl of water with a small handful of rock salt. This connects you to the ocean and all water on this planet. Add essences, flowers , crystals or infuse your water with sunshine – if this feels right for you.

Write and cleanse your wishes:
Write your wishes down on a piece of paper and then cleanse away unseen obstacles and energy blocks with the smoke from your sage smudge stick (Shown in the photo above).  Continue cleansing until you feel a lighter energy around your written wishes.
I have used dried white sage (either loose or as a smudge stick) for over 20 years and strongly believe in its cleansing and purification properties.  Burning sage is almost a daily occurrence in my home.  If you can find organic, then all the better.

Release your wishes:
The first part of releasing your wishes is writing them down.  The second part is saying them out aloud as if you are speaking in person to the universe.  Feel or sense the words of your wishes in your breath, in your exhale as they leave your body. Release them with love and grace.

Close ritual:
Finish your new moon wish ritual by blowing out your candle and giving thanks and gratitude. Close your eyes and spend a few special moments in silence – feeling whatever you need to feel.  I usually get a feeling of my wishes flying out into all corners of the world.
You may  keep your written wishes under your pillow, next to your favourite crystal,  on your bedside table, in your wish bowl, on your altar or bury them in the ground for the next month.  You may even prefer to keep a visual image or picture that represents your monthly wish.  Alternately read your monthly wish/wishes just before you go to bed.   Do whatever feels right for you. Trust and be guided your intuition.
In case you are wondering what my monthly wish is – it’s to complete my first e-book “Unwind” and become an author.   Wish me luck.  May all our wishes come true, easily and effortlessly.

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