Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Help Jason experience 'Burning Man'

This is a Post on Tumblr, created by a young man in his early 20's with his heart set on going to Burning Man.  Jason from Ohio is 24 and although very functional, is bond to a wheelchair. Jason a determine and independent young man, and is an Electron Media Student at the University of Cincinnati.  Working hard on his studies and taking care of his 1 year old pug 'Monkey' takes up a lot of his time. 

Jason is a personable, good humor young man who you can't help but like.  In spite of all his challenges, he is always smiling and joking around.  Not afraid to poke fun of himself or make light of his disability, he immediately puts others at easy. 

Right now Jason is asking for your help in making a small dream come true.  Although very functional, and self reliant he it limited to the terrain that his manual chair can handle.  So he is asking for your help...

Please help send me to Burning Man next year. I'm a full time student with no money. I'm currently saving up for the ticket itself, but I need extra money to either fix up my wheelchair or get a better electric scooter to navigate the vast playa. Any thing you can do to help is appreciated. I need your Lincolns, not necessarily your Benjamins. Whatever you can/want to contribute.  I love you all. 

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macpro said...

YOU WILL BE AT THE BURN NEXT YEAR. DO NOT WORRY! You will be chair-dancing on the Osiris platform if we have to hoist you up, tie ropes to your chair and swing you through the air onto it, ur will just lift you and the chair up onto the platform.

You better start playing costumes now - and make your chair an artcar!

We will get you there, you have my word.

On mid flame -
Burner Scurry.