Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Con't.. Women Artisans and their Shops!

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Today we are meeting Annie Oliverio from Seminole, Oklahoma.  Annie opened her shop on etsy in Mar of 2011.  This fairly new shop is focus around the heart.  Expressing your heart felt message and delivering it in the perfect wrapping. That is what  'Empty on the inside' allows you to do. With hand painted, handcraft cards that encompass your words with an image of beauty, laughter, or compassion.  Whatever it is that you need  or want to express 'Empty on the Inside' has a card that will embrace and compliment your words beautifully. 

3 Daffodils Blank Greeting Card 

At the first hint of green daffodil leaves breaking through the brittle winter soil, one can't help but begin to shake off the gray of winter. The air suddenly smells like spring; birds return from their southern homes and the sun feels brighter and warmer. This 5"x7" card (image size approximately 4"x6") is hand-painted on cream-colored cardstock and comes with a matching envelope. Each card is titled and signed by me. Left "empty on the inside" for your message.
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For more information on Anne's hand craft cards follow her blog at... http://doughdirtdye.blogspot.com/
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AN UNREFINED VEGAN (plant-based recipes):  BLOG: http://anunrefinedvegan.com/
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Working towards boosting the shops of our members! Through cooperative promotions, marketing and advertising, our members work as a Team so all will prosper.

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Annie said...

Thank you, thank you, Lilly! So generous. Look for your feature on my blog tomorrow!

pcoe00 said...

I tweeted,posted to Facebook and my blog all three of your features. Nice job

Isobel said...

Always like Annie's cards - and can't fault this choice either. It is indeed evocative of spring, after a long, endless-seeming winter.

Hope you've got my comments - do find your recognition words difficult to decipher sometimes. I'm no robot!

Living Vibrations - Ancient Oils said...

Thanks all, it's ease to write features on such talents people.

Island Buzzy said...

So sorry I haven't been keeping up on your posts! Love Annies work..thanks for the great feature! Aloha, Connie