Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inspirations for Etsy Artisan

Today I would like to introduce you to Absolutely Kismet, Absolutely Kismet is from Spearfish, South Dakota. The inspiration for this little shop was simple; the desire to give the perfect Christmas gift that everyone would love. Not exactly a small task to undertake, still with the holiday season quickly approaching, wine charms became the gift of choice. Still the stores didn’t seem to satisfy Kismet creative nature, decide to create her own. This ended up to be the best Christmas ever. Not only was this a gift that everyone Loved but it was also the start of Absolutely Kismet.

Wine Glass Charms Random Set of 8

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Second we have Beader Bubbe's from Brooklyn NY, my home town.  Agnes owner of Beader Bubbe and a mother of five, grandma of seven - all boys who loves crafts, especially making jewelry.  Agnes love for Jewelry is obvious in her own creations at Beader's Bubbe's.  Agnes started by creating beautiful pieces of jewelry and selling them at work.  Sharing your talents and love for Jewelry with your Friends and co-workers. Her jewelry became very popular and before long Beader Bubbe was born.   Agnes looks forward to retirement, so she can continue with her "other career" - jewelry making.

Black and White Necklace          Black and White Earrings

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Our last shop owner for this week's feature is Isobel Morrell from Warminster, England and owner of Coldham Cuddlies.  Isobel has a great interest in toy-making.  Her love for toy-making was sparked in the 1950′s, with a fund-raising effort hosted in her boarding school. A teacher lent Isobel a pattern for a dressed bear.  As she followed the pattern her love for toy-making grow.  Throughout her life she would put the hobby aside, just to return to it.  Today Isobel finds that her beloved hobby is therapeutic.  Helping her with mobility in her arthritic hands.  But, what would she do her all her new stuff friends.  Well, put them in ETSY, of course,  In Isobel own words, "my own fingers getting increasingly arthritic, decided to revive the toy-making as a paying pastime and occupational therapy. Having heard about Etsy, it was a no-brainer that I should combine both and see where it took me." Coldham Cuddlies  is a sweet little shop with stuff Rabbits, donkeys and bears.  Isobel's craftman is exquisite, making each one of her creations come to life.
To learn more about Coldham Cuddlies visit her website or follow her blog at

Grampa Grey Rabbit
                       Aunty Grey Rabbit


Jesse Anne Designs said...

I love those little bunnies!! How sweet!~

<3 Jesse

AbsolutelyKismet said...

Oh, thanks for mentioning my wine charms! I just love them. :)

Isobel said...

Hello there Lily - what a nice thing to open the day with! Your post about ColdhamCuddlies is much appreciated - and your choice particularly so. The Grey Rabbits don't seem to catch the eye as much as the others! Perhaps your post will right the wrong? Thanks so much

Annie said...

Great, detailed feature, Lilly!

Dough, Dirt & Dye

Annie said...

Great detailed feature, Lilly!

Dough, Dirt & Dye

Living Vibrations - Ancient Oils said...

Thanks Everyone, I'm glad you all liked the Feature. It easy to write about such talented people!

Living Vibrations - Ancient Oils said...

Isobel, your grey bunnies are adorable. I'm sure others will thing so too.

Island Buzzy said...

Sorry I took so long to comment! Great seems that with every post, I get to know these artists and team members even better. Thanks so much!

our home to yours said...

I love those bunnies....may be time to add to my collection. heehee