Thursday, February 16, 2012

Internet News: Lauching .CO as the new 'Top Level Domain' extension.

As you may have notice the Mother company of is LivingVibrations.CO. Yes, '.CO' the new internet extension is creating new Domain naming opportunities for business.

When the internet was still new we were able to pick and choose any name to use for our business domain names. Today with the over growing internet presents, domain name with the traditional extension of .com are getting longer and longer in hope of finding an available and complimentary domain name for our business. In answer to this problem welcome the new internet extension of .CO. This new extension opens the door to new creative domain names and will soon be available as a 'top level domain' (TLD) extension. Which means, that this new TLD will provide a big traffic opportunity for business owners and search marketers as .co is a very common misspelling of .com

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Angie Ouellette-Tower said...

Your blog is great and very interesting (following back from the etsy blogging team)