Sunday, February 12, 2012

Women Artisans and their Shops!

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Meet Irith Mashiah, a mom and a creative jewelry designer,  Irith opened Riorita, a small online shop opened exactly 5 years ago.  Today Riorita's customers rating are 100% Positive.  She has just under 6500 admires, and feedbacks that speak for themselves.

Irith's workshop is located in a small paradise not very far away from the Mediterranean.  A beautiful setting for her creative muse.  Being a gold and silversmith by trade, she is able to offers unique handmade high quality jewelry designs.   

Sterling silver and Amber beads necklace

This handcraft artisan design custom handcrafted jewelry and joys creating three-dimensional or sculptured pieces. In her jewelry she combines semi-precious stones, ancient glass and beach glass, pebbles from the Sea of Galilee, etc., Isn't this piece Great!  To visit Irith's shop Riorita just go to or   If you like to stay up to day on her latest creations, follow her blog at   



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riorita said...

Beautiful description of my shop. Thank yu very much!

Annie said...

Stunning necklace, Irith! And a very nice feature, Lilly!

Isobel said...

Every time I look at your shop, Riorita, I want to buy something - but, alas, the life I now lead would mean they would not get the audience any one item deserves. I'll just keep enjoying them instead! Lovely post too.

our home to yours said...

I love Irith's shop, she is a very talented lady!

Island Buzzy said...

Great feature...I am in awe of Iriths creations and talent. Thanks again!