Monday, March 12, 2012

Easter Baskets for Adults Children!

I have 2 adult children who still enjoy and appreciate Easter. We start off with a prayer of appreciation, a delicious home cooked feast, and of course an Easter “Basket” hunt. So, weeks before Easter I start looking for fun little goodies to put in their baskets. Considering they are adults this task can be daunting. 
Well, here are a few ideals and fun little trinkets to help you along. Starting with BookMarks!  Who doesn’t like bookmarks? If you have a avid reader in the mist , why not check out GMaEllenCrochetGifts ? Owner, Ellen Mackler from Walla Walla, WA, creates beautiful delicate crochet bookmarks, Jewelry and totes! You can easily roll up a bookmark and place it into a brightly color plastic egg.  You can to the same with this sweet little wine charm (remember adult children ;D)

Although they are adults, I always like to throw in a Toy. Yes, a toy, something memorable from their childhood.  Of course this would fall under vintage and will take some hunting, but it is definitely worth it.  My family absolutely loves this part!  So, where can we go to find something vintage and fun?  Etsy and Ebay are both really great places to find vintage memorabilia.  

A matter of fact, Connie Haskell owner of Redemption Art  has a pair of Mattel “Rugrat” Soft Pals in their original packages.  How cool it that? Not a Rugrat fan?  OK, how about a Vintage Disney Pinocchio Hand Painted Figurine?  Who doesn’t like Pinocchio?  This special somthing will be the highlight of any Eastern Basket.

Lastly, we finish off the basket with a symbol of the season.  How about a yellow cross adorned with butterflies from YankeeBurrowCreation? Debbie and Amanda are the designers of this lovely cross.  The butterflies adorn to this hand painted yellow cross, to remind us that Easter is a celebration of new life.  For those who prefer a funkier looking cross, here is a multi-color confetticross

Have fun creating your own Adult Easter Basket and
Don't forget the Chocolate!!! 



our home to yours said...

I love chocolate...and I love this feature. Thank you.

Living Vibrations - Ancient Oils said...

I am really glad you liked the feature. It was fun to write.

Holly said...

Very cute basket ideas! I love that you put in a vintage toy - that is such a great idea and I bet your children love it!

Living Vibrations - Ancient Oils said...

Holly, they do. They can't wait to see what is in their basket. It's always a surprise and they so appreciate it. :

Island Buzzy said...

Awww, love your post..thank you so much! Off to brag about it! =)!