Saturday, April 7, 2012

BesTeam Feature: The beauty of Spring

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. Although I love them all, fall is time of rest and rejuvenation while spring awaken with a cool breeze, new growth, and hope for new beginnings. Spring is filled with Love, Beauty, and Inspiration.

Lesley Boretto from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, owns a shop on Etsy called Boretto art. Lesley creative nature captures the love and beauty of her surrounding and shares them with us through her works for art. The paintings are not only beautiful but inspiring. Just take a look at this lovely painting called “African memories.”

  African memories

Spring also inspires us to dress with soft, lovely, colors.  Colors that help us to feel as fresh as a sunny spring day.  Like this Lovely Necklace by Delia Benn from  Baltimore, Maryland owner of DeeDee Dzyn. This delicate Pink and Green necklace is reminisce of a spring day. It's cheerful colors and fresh look is a prefer compliment for the season.

Pink and Green necklace

Lastly, we have Patty Coe from Lovell, Wyoming, who also has a flattering spring collection that will make others stop and take notice of you.  Patty is the owner of Patty's Dream Designs a cheerful little shop on Etsy with lots to choose from to complement and inspire your spring wardrobe . Just look that this lovely Jade Necklace with Glass beads!

Jade Necklace and Green Glass Beads

So have fun this Spring by accessories you home and wardrobe with colors that bring Love, Beauty, and Inspiration to you!

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pcoe00 said...

Thank you very much

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

oh, I love that painting.

Delia Benn said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful feature.