Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Healthy Alternatives for Pregnant Women

Did you know that Vibrational therapy is absolutely safe for pregnant women. In fact, Vibrational Therapy works well in helping with all stages of pregnancy including conception and child birth. Vibrational Therapy offers emotional and physical support to both the Mother and infant.

Aromatherapy also safe when properly use can help combat morning sickness, reduce swelling of feet & legs, soothe Muscle Aches & Cramps and relief Fatigue & Moodiness without the side affects of over the counter drugs. Aromatherapy Sessions are safe and affective for soothing discomfort associate with pregnancy without any adverse affects to you or your baby. 

513 696 6199
Mason Ohio

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Time Cooling Spritz

On those unbelievably hot day, all one can thing about is cooling down.  One of the quickest and easiest ways to cool down is Peppermint essential oil. put about 15-20 drops in a 2 oz spray bottle and spritz away.

Peppermint Essential Oil contains a significant amount of menthol. Besides its cooling sensation, menthol is known to help relax and ease tension headaches and muscular aches & pains. and its fevers reducing properties.  

*Close eye's while spritzing

Sunday, May 27, 2012

BESTeam feature on Redemption Art

I don't know where to start.  As I browse through Redemption Art's shop on Etsy I find the most unusually things.  This time I came across Yarn!  A vintage skein of Llama yarn in this raw form.  Ready for any weaver to create the most amazing scarf.  If this is you hurray over to Redemption Art's before someone else scoops it up!

Natural Raw llama yarn fibers

The fiber is very nice to the touch and very natural in that it is uneven and sort of unrefined.

The Next thing that caught my attention was this Vintage Asian Vase . This beautiful, old, vase describe by Connie as possibly Japanese from Occupied Japan era. Stands 5 1/2" tall by 3 1/2" at its widest part. (Hand?) Painted with peonies, lilies and embellished with gold. This vase was part of a Japanese Botsudan, is well used with some of the paint worn in places. Still would be beautiful on a desk as a pen/pencil holder or fill with fresh flowers.

Lastly, I found two Miniature Vintage Japanese Ceramic Butsudan Alter Cups.  These cups were blessed and ready for destruction, given to Connie by Buddhist Priests who gave her their blessings to find new homes for them, as they said they would rather see that then to see them be destroyed. The larger cup is about 2" tall with the cup about 1 3/4" in diameter, decorated with a gold peonie or water lily and trimmed with gold. The smaller cup is a tad over 1 1/2" tall and the cup is about 1 1/4" wide. It is painted with gold which has become a little worn with handling over the years.  These pieces, besides being vintage and unique are just such beautiful and dainty pieces of Asian glass ware.

To continue this exotic shopping experience you must visit RedemptionArt!

You call also follow her blog at  http://www.islandbuzzy.com/

Seashell story: the Prince & the Frog

SeaShells tell stories of hope, challenges and love. This Seashell, the Noble Frog, tells the story of a Princess kissing frogs in search of her Prince Charming and guess what? She finds him ;) 

 Ocean Oracle Reader

The shells are Master Teachers. Created by animals, shells are crystals from the water. There is tremendous power in their matrix. As a Certified Ocean Oracle Reader I am grateful for the opportunity to communicate these important teachings to you.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

You decide! Is it a scarf, a necklace, a belt, or a headband?

New designs from Joyflower! Kristin owner of and creator of Joyflower is working on a collection of Limited Edition Scarflettes. The Scarflettes are being adorn with chains, gemstones and charms.  They are absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, this abalone Scarflettes and the Vintage Lattice design with the black and gold flower, has not been release yet, but keep an eye out for them it won't be long!

This 22" abalone colored silk scarflette,  features a gorgeous vintage gold tone double link chain and a very pretty gold tone leaf charm.

Vintage Lattice design with  black and gold acrylic flower, gunmetal chain and a vintage mother of pearl bead charm, Truly one of a kind and stunning

On a positive note, the Limited Edition Coral Scarflette is being featured in Joyflower's Shop's as we speak!

This 22" habutai silk scarf in pastel coral with a pink tinted cabochon lozenge suspended from a silver-toned chain.

If you prefer one of Joyflower's traditional designs then you will love this Black Brocade Silk Stole. Which ever design you choose they are all hand painted and exquisitely made.

Black triple layered chiffon is light as a cloud and so soft to the touch. Trimmed with patterned black brocade.

To keep up with Joyflower's design follow her on her blog! Facebook or Twitter!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bathing with Oranges...

This is my Orange Spice Soap made to look like a slice of Orange and my son-in-laws favorite soap.  The scent is a combination of three essential oils, orange, cinnamon and cloves.  This combination gives the soap a spicy fragrance, that is sure to wake you up in the morning.  As an added bonus the combine of essential oils had properties that uplift your spirits and enhance your immune system.  Not bad for a soap...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

BESTeam: Absolutely Kismet

Today I would like to re-introduce you to Absolutely Kismet, If you recall, Absolutely Kismet is from Spearfish. South Dakota and makes the most precious wine glass charm.  Today we will be taking a look at some of Kismet's jewelry designs, beginning with this is Brass Rifle Shell Casings Necklace!  With the popularity of 'SteamPunk' Jewelry on a rise, this beautiful Brass Rifle Shell Casings Necklace is the perfect complement to your collection.

The casing pendant is 2 inches (5cm) long and hangs from a 19 inch (48cm) spiral weave hemp necklace. The clasp is a 3/4" (2cm) steel washer.

Next we have a beautiful dyed purple shell bracelet (likely mother-of-pearl) with pretty little silver spacer beads between each deep purple bead.  The bracelet is great for medium sized wrists. The total length of the bracelet is 8.5 inches (21.5cm).  However, because of the size of the beads, the interior circumference is 7" (17.78cm) perfect for small wrist like mine, between 6.25-6.75", depending on how much wiggle room you prefer.

Lastly, we have a Bright Orange Shell Necklace.  This lovey bright orange necklace is made from dyed mother-of-pearl shell. It has a strong magnetic clasp for easy-on in the morning, which also makes it especially good for people who may have trouble with clasps.

The length is 17.5 inches (44.5cm). Each bead is separated by a tiny clear glass seed bead. The end of the necklace by the clasp also uses wire protectors to ensure your new necklace will be last a long time.

As you probably notice Absolutely Kismet isn't just limited to wine glass charms.  Although, they are beauty and the quality is well above what is on the market, her jewelry is just as beauty.   If you like what you see on this feature then visit Absolutely Kismet on Etsy. 

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Besteam: Blue White Wear

I love this little shop.  The jewelry is unique and holds Asian tradition and a beautiful modern design.  Claire, the owner of “Blue & White Wear” has traveled around the world a bit. A matter of fact, although American born, Claire has spent 9 years in Bangkok, Thailand. Which, I’m sure has only deepened her love for the Chinese Blue and White beads she so loves to work with. 

Blue & White Porcelain Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is a perfect example of the traditional symbols Claire incorporates in your jewelry.  This bracelet is made with blue and white porcelain beads hand painted with the symbol for double happiness. There are five charms: a Buddha,fish for prosperity, porcelain double happiness, Chinese coin for wealth, and an elephant for good luck.

The Oriental Fan

Along with this Oriental Fan Necklace,  one of my favorite “Blue & White Wear” pieces of Jewelry. The necklace is a monochromatic antique gold/bronze necklace features a light weight oriental fan with Chinese characters. 

The Shoe Necklace

This one is just for fun. A glamorous golden shoe with rhinestones dangles from a gold-tone chain. The front of the shoe is covered in rhinestones while the back side is plain. The shoe measures 1 1/4 inches and the chain is 22 inches long. Isn't it cute!

If you would like to view “Blue & White Wear” whole collection to go “Blue & White Wear” on etsy.  You can also keep up with Claire on her blog or follow her on    twitter or Facebook


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Healing in Holistic Healthy Ways

Holistic Practitioner & Aromatherapy
Offering Complementary Alternative Medicine

Lilly DelValle K. (M.Sc. HLC, AT, RM)
7577 Central Parke Blvd. (Ste. 129)
Mason Ohio -  (513) 696 6199


Healing in Holistic Healthy Ways

Demand for Alternative Medicine is increasing. You may find that your hospital is employing holistic practitioners. The importance of Holistic Wellness is being acknowledged by various areas of the medical field. Currently there are two areas in the medical field that acknowledge the benefits that holistic wellness has to offer. The fields of Neurology and Oncology are the two fastest growing fields in this endeavor. They are expanding their integration of holistic wellness in combination with traditional medicine by providing patients with access to holistic practitioners as part to their team of experts.

Holistic Practitioners do not diagnosis or treat.  Instead, they work in harmony with your doctor's diagnosis to deliver added relief. These patients experience less pain, fewer symptoms, and shorten recovery time from invasion procedures/surgeries. 

In response to the growing demand for Alternative Medicine, Living Vibrations has opened an office in Mason Ohio. Living Vibrations will accommodate those in search of holistic alternatives to enhance their health and wellness needs.  Lilly DelValle K (M.Sc., HLC, RM, AT) is the owner of Living Vibrations and one of the few practitioners who have been asked to partner with medical professionals in the field of neurology, to deliver holistic wellness to patients in the Louisville Kentucky Area.  Lilly DeValle holds a Master’s degree, along with various certificates in Holistic Life Coaching, Holistic Healing Modalities and Aromatherapy.

Living Vibrations - Holistic Wellness

Aromatherapy Consulting:
In an aromatherapy session the aromatherapist works with their clients on a holistic basis, addressing both physical issues and their root cause, as well as psychological isuues. Aromatherapy is the art, science and technique of blending and applying essential oils to influence positive changes in one's life.

Vibrational Therapy & Aromatherapy:
By balancing the energy body the body is then in it's most optimal state for self-healing
.....Pranic Healing - Removing Blockages to assist with healing
.....Reiki - Releasing Stress and regain balance
.....Etheric Weaving - Tibetan technique using crystals & rare earth magnets to amplify healing.
.....Healing Touch: Magnetic Clearing, Connecting the Chakras, Blessing of the Senses

Metaphysical Consultant and Teacher:
Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world around us, through means of meditation, positive thinking, love and acceptance of self, and other self healing techniques etc.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meditation for Beginners...

Have you been wanting to meditate but never were taught the proper techniques, or tools to achieve the mental state needed to meditation?

The world is full of distractions. We experience stress, anxiety and emotional break downs in our everyday life, due to the inability to remain a calm and focus mental state. Meditation helps us to calm our mind, relieve stress, and achieve mental clarity.

Studies have proven that meditation provides both Physiological and psychological benefits. During Meditation the brain enters the alpha state, which is a level of consciousness that promotes healing. This class takes you through the beginning steps of focus and relaxation to train the logical side of your mind to release and allow while the right side, the creative side wonders as you become the observer. $20

For more information visit Living Vibrations on Facebook