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Harry Potter's Numerology Chart

Numerology Chart 

Birth Data
July 31, 1980 

Life Path Number 4+7+9=20=2

Your life-determining number is the most important characteristic of your numerological card. No matter whether you believe this or not, your life story has begun long before you came into this world. This story has led you to the state in which you are now. And, from now on, you are fated to continue your personal evolution, with all constraints and opportunities that a human being usually meets with. Well, all the peculiarities and all milestones of this road, unknown and frightening, are in this or that way reflected in your life-determining number.

"Peacemaker" is a keyword of your nature. You are extremely receptive, sensitive. These qualities are both your strength and your weakness. Sometimes your empathy for feelings of others is so great that it can lead to depression, neglecting and suppressing your own abilities and talents. However, sensitivity and responsiveness are your best qualities.

You can intuitively sense what people think or feel. And this allows you to be very diplomatic and tactful. You cope well with team work, and you are able to find a perfect compromise between conflicting positions.

You love music, poetry, and you need to be in a harmonious environment. You cultivate beauty of your body and soul, and have a refined sense of balance and rhythm. You can possess the gift of a healer. On the other side, your sensitivity can cause a lot of trouble. Your hypersensitive ego is easily injured, and you can go all totally out for someone, not paying attention to comments and criticism.

You tend to hide your thoughts and feelings, because you are quite a thin-skinned person. This may be caused by such emotions as strong resentment and rage.

When you reveal your enormous inner strength, it becomes easy to discover the latent energy and abilities in you. If you do so, you will be easily resolve difficult situations to your best advantage. Confidence in your inner strength will inspire you to use your power of character in cases where it is really necessary.

You are a sensual and passionate lover. You always understand the needs and desires of your partner, and fulfill them with almost unbelievable delicacy.

You need comfort and tranquility. You like being in the company of other people. You have excellent taste, which means much in your environment. You are sociable and have a good sense of humor. Friends are trying to attract you around, highly estimating your calmness and peacefulness.

Counselor, teacher, healer - these are the professions where you will gain success and satisfaction. You can also expect to make a perfect career in music, architecture, advertising, agriculture, industrial design, fashion, and, also, repairing watches and other delicate mechanics. Politics and Law will allow you to use your considerable abilities in negotiation and disputes resolution.

Birthday Number 31 

The number of day when you were born (your birthday) can provide a lot of information about who you are and in what area your talents lie. Your date of birth indicates some special abilities that you possess. The number of birth is one of the five core numbers of your numerological card.

You have a deep attachment to family, traditions and society. Yet you can establish a successful enterprise, working carefully and purposefully.

You love wholeness and certainty. At the same time, you have a remarkable artistic talent, which can manifest itself in a variety of specific forms. You are a born organizer and manager of high rank. You are able to work long, hard and deliberately, but do not forget about maintaining health. Be careful not to work beyond measure. Always know when you should rest.

Colleagues appreciate your discipline and tend to rely on you. But at the same time you always feel in doubt about work you are doing. It seems that some of your talents are hidden so deeply that you don't know about them. This can lead to your long searching for profession. You are able to perform the work which is entrusted to you quite superbly. Higher forces always patronize you. Use your perseverance and dedication.

The key to success is willingness to maintain order and discipline in your life and to use all opportunities that life presents to you.

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