Friday, September 28, 2012

Natural Colorants from Mother Nature!

How do I dye my soaps? Naturally of course ;) 

I infusing oil with herbs and spices. First I place the herbs and spices in a tea bag and seal them.  Place the tea bag in a jar and fill with oil.  Then, simmer the jars in a warm bath for beautiful, natural colors from Mother Earth.

From top center: alkanet, paprika, turmeric, Indigo, Woad, spirulina, walnut, and activated charcoal (middle)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bath recipe - Soothe Itchy dry skin?

Itchy dry skin?
Here is an Oatmeal Milk Bath that will soothe and comfort.

1/4 c. Oatmeal (ground in blender)
½ c. Powdered milk
1 tb. Hazelnut oil, almond oil or just plain olive oil.
6 drops lavender oil

Add all the ingredients directly into tub with runner water. Then soak and enjoy!