Saturday, December 15, 2012

Young Living Essential Oils

If you are considered joining Young Living Essential Oils to bring about a greater wellness and prosperity for 2013, Look at what we have to offer!

If you have considered getting started with Young Living Essential Oils to bring about a greater health perspective in 2013, here is what we're offering our active members enrolled with a 50PV order placed before year end: 

(1) Starting in January,Melissa Wood & I will host a Monthly Product Training Call/Webinar for our groups. You can call in, listen online, watch a power point presentation online or all 3 from wherever you may be. These calls will be based in part on the modules being taught at the School of Nature's Remedies so you can learn how to receive the most benefit for great health from your YL products.
(2) We will also have a Monthly Training Call on How To Share Young Living with those you care about. Learn what to say and how to say itin a gentle, loving way to help someone reach their health goals. Learn how to show your friend or family member how to enroll with the best price.

(3) For those who want to learn how to build a sustainable residual income or at least get their monthly healthy lifestyle products paid for ;-) we will have a Quarterly Leadership call. We are all very excited because of the extraordinary abundance available through this business model and that means that we can do a LOT of good in the world. Are you ready check?

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