Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How can aromatherapy help me?

Linda Smith is the founder of the Institute of Spiritual healing and Aromatherapy and the "Certificate Clinical Aromatherapy" Program that I trained through.  Offer potential clients ask, "How can aromatherapy help me?"  All the while, associating aromatherapy with nice smelling, bath and body products, pampering.  Although true, that is but a small portion of Aroma-Therapy.  Aromatherapy is a complementary medical modality used for balancing the body energy frequency so the body is in an optimal state for self healing,

In the Sept/Oct issue of 'Energy Magazine' I came across an article entitled 'Aromatherapy Coaching' writing by Linda Smith.  In this article Smith describes the goal of energy work...
In the healing process our goal is to activate the body’s energies toward a dynamic state of equilibrium and balance. Our work both as energy therapists and aromatherapists, therefore, is to find those combinations that enable the client to move towards that state of harmony and balance—one of harmonic resonance. We literally are looking for the right frequencies. Therapeutic essential oils produce coherent frequencies that are naturally tuned to the health of our bodies. These compounds literally “sing” the right tune to the body’s cells.
I though this was perfectly stated and wanted to share it with you.   Until next time... I wish you Love & Light for a beautiful New Year!

* For the full article see Energy Magazine Sept/Oct Issue

Lilly DelValle K.
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