Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spiritual House Cleansing in time for the New Year!

Performing a spiritual or energetic cleansing of a home balances the energy in the home.   When a home or space is out of balance you may feel unease, irritated or even depression.  Some people experience physical aliments like headaches, nausea that quickly subsides after leaving a space.  A homes can become imbalance due to the energy left behind.  If the home was occupied by people who argued all the time or a traumatic event occurred in the home, the residual energy of those past events may linger in the home.  

In essence, you are clearing and blessing the space to make it a much more pleasant place to live, work, or use. There are many ways to perform ritual cleansing. The following is a simple method that has worked for me over the years:

Smudging a house: 

  • Leaving a window or door open to the outside in the last room; I start in the West and move around the directions in a counter clock wise motion: I do this around the house, room to room repeating the counter clock wise motion in each room. So, I am in a sense spiraling around the house. I use the wand to push the smoke around each room: up, down, in corners, under beds, in closets, everywhere.

  • Again Focus on your intent. In the last room focus on the negativity leaving your home; never to bother you or anyone else again; it helps to ask that the negativity is removed from the Earth entirely. Ask that it Evolve into a higher, more positive energy form.

  • Next, repeat the whole thing but going East around the directions in a clockwise motion. You are now focusing on attracting whatever positive energies you want in your home and even room to room. Happy, jovial conversation can be envisioned in the dining room. Relaxed, content emotions for the living room..... whatever you want or need around you.

  • The only final thing is to be careful of sparks and cinders, as well as the Smudge Bowl can get hot; be careful of holding it and of where you put it down.. Always be very conscious of what you are doing when using fire.
Try it, I think you will find it rewarding on many levels. Enjoy

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