Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flashless Photograph...

Photographing products can be tricky. I've tried taking pictures indoor and outdoor, with and without flash. All the pictures below where taken without flash. I do think they may be the best yet.
What do you think?

Light Box without flash

Indoor without flash
Indoor without flash
Outdoor without flash


Tania Tdesign said...

I think the top pic is the best shot! It's so important to have one clean image of your product so people know exactly what they are getting. You could also include a mood shot with some props but I would keep it faily simple. Your product is beautiful enough for it to stand out on its own. With all of this said you have to see what you think suits your brand the most and although I like the top clean one maybe you feel that another pic is more representive of your brand and the feel you want to portray. So it's up to you, no one will know your brand better than yourself :)

x Tania

Lilly DelValle K. said...

Thank You Tania for your comment. Your advice was very helpful!
I did end up going with the top image. I felt it was clear and stood out on it's own.

Now, I will work on creating some mood shots, as you suggested. Thanks again Tania!

holly via bookandbird.com said...

Wow, great product photography! I especially like the first, it puts the emphasize on the label and branding information. Great shots!

Lilly DelValle K. said...

Thanks Holly!