Friday, May 24, 2013

Aromatherapy Give Away!

All natural, Aromatherapy Blends Give Away from Ancient Oils
'Peace & Calming' All Natural essential oil blend is a blend of Therapeutic Grade essential oils that are all known for their healing and pain relieving properties. Aromatherapy is extremely effective as a natural alternative modality to ease headache tension. It's an ideal choice for those that can't use over the counter medicines or simply prefer to avoid commercially headache medications.

Peace & Calming helps to soothe tension headaches after a long day at work. This uplifting, soothing blend offers the benefits of Tangerine to lifts up your spirits, peppermint is known for it pain relieving properties, Lavender and chamomile for their relaxing, calming properties, along with other essential oils to give you that Peaceful, Calming feeling you deserve.

The winner will be drawn at random on Monday afternoon so your entries must be in by Sunday Evening, May 26!

To enter just repost or share your favorite Ancient Oils product on facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest and comment below with the link!
The Prize is a Peace & Calming Roll-on!
Great for easing tension headache at the office!

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