Thursday, May 2, 2013

What is up with all the controversy on Witch hazel?

What is up with all the controversy on Witch hazel?

It's too drying... Hurts the skin... Causes more skin issue...

As always no two oils (in this case extracts) are made alike. True natural Witch hazel extract is Common witch hazel is produced by extraction, soaking dried parts of the plant in a water-alcohol solution which draws the medicinal components of the plant cells into the solution. This is why most witch hazel solutions have 14% alcohol content; but just 14% enough to cleanse and disinfect without drying.

Again, all witch hazel extraction solutions are not created equal in that some manufacturers use a lower quality alcohol which is harsher on the skin and this is why some people refuse to use witch hazel. Unfortunately, the Witch hazel you purchase over the counter can contain up to 39% of alcohol, sometimes more.

So how will you know what you're getting?
Read the label! You are looking for 14% alcohol content with no preservatives or added ingredients.

What about Alcohol free Witch hazel?
Alcohol free Witch Hazel is not really Witch Hazel, and as such provide little to no antiseptic qualities.

Spot and blemish control
Soothe and heal diaper rash
Soothe poison ivy and poison oak
Soothe chicken pox blisters
Varicose vein relief
and Shrink bags under the eyes

How to use dab a little on with a cotton ball for spot treating
or fill a 2 oz spray bottle and spritz away!

Nature's Blessings to you all!


Isobel Morrell said...

Hello there Lilly - Long time no hear/see! I swear by Witch Hazel for soothing bruising. Rarely use it these days though, because I've discovered Arnica which is great because it doesn't have the Witch Hazel smell!

Good to see you're still making folks feel better!

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

I didn't know that is what witch hazel looked like in it's plant form. It's pretty.