Thursday, October 3, 2013

Altar Project at Living Vibrations!

Our lives have become so busy that we often forget to make time and space for what is meaningful in our lives.

In this workshop you get to explore what really matters to you whatever that may be and create your own personal shrine to bring that into focus.

You will learn how to create a beautiful shrine from paper clay which is quick and easy to mold. Then we will use paint, collage, and found objects to decorate and embellish your sacred space.
We explore together color, symbols and imagery to enhance the meaning of you shrine. These processes are accompanied by group sharing’s and reflective self explorations.

Shrine building is a creative process which will inspire you, hopefully in an ongoing dialogue, to focus and remember and engage with your hearts voice.

2 day workshop, Sunday Oct 20 & 27
Host by Lilly DelValle & Tanya Robinson
Location:  Living Vibrations, Mason ohio
Cost for workshop: $45

Picture is of a Finish Altar project (created by Tanya Robinson).  This Bast Altar use approximately 1/2 a block of clay and stands about 6' tall the Runes and crow were only make of the same block of clay.  So image what you can create with a full block. Plus we will have addition blocks of clay for only $5.   Plan out your design and get ready to create!

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