Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Quick Tip for Cuticles!

A Tip from one of my customers and daughter
Tanya an artist and sculpturist has trouble keeping her hands and #cuticles moist and hydrated. Clay is very drying on the hands and her cuticles are often rough and splitting.

One day while in ...the studio Tanya was search her bag for some hand lotion but the only thing she had was my #AncientOils Coconut Lip Balm. I never would have thought to apply lip balm to my cuticle but why not? It's design to hydrate and protect dry rough lips with Shea and Cocoa butter, and a combination of rich oils. According to Tanya it works great and smelled so good.

So next time your cuticles are in need of a quick fix, pull out your lip balm and massage a little on. You will love the results.


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