Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ReCaim Your Goddess SELF

4 Hours of Sacred wholeness. 
You will disconnect from the outside world
& focus on connecting with Your Divine Feminine and Goddess SELF.
During this time YOU and YOUR Inner Goddess
are nourished,
Body Mind and Spirit.

Honor the Goddess Within!

You will Meditate, bond, celebrate
divine feminine SELF. 

You will also be nurtured with
an Aromatherapy massage, Facial, Foot rub,
Diva Makeup, Spiritual Guidance and so much more… 

4 Hours of Sacred Wholeness, Don’t YOU Deserve It?

Date: June 13, '15    Time: 10:00 - 2 pm  
Location:  Living Vibrations
5224 Cedar Village dr., Mason oh. 45054
Call to Reserve your seat: (513) 696 6199 
* Space is Limited to only 7 women!
Your Price ‘$150